File Archiving software

Simplest File Archiving Solution

Speed and improved performance are important components of modern business. A company’s software and its interactions with other solutions in an entire operating system help keep it competitive. For these programs to work faster they are constantly being improved and those that do not keep up with new trends become obsolete. Keeping such programs on your system can slow you down considerably, but archiving programs can help you get rid of redundancies, protect your historical documentation, and make all this volume of data more compact.

ArcTitan email archiving

ArcTitan is a business email archiving tool that allows you to securely archive your business emails, and retrieve archived emails simply and easily when you need them.

ArcTitan integrates perfectly with the Microsoft 365 suite of applications, it is able to quickly search for the file you need and saves you time and costs. The program uses an advanced encryption method for 100% protection of your data, both at rest and while it is being shared.

With ArcTitan you can store an unlimited number of archives in space, space guarantees maximum scalability. Your data will never be lost because the server provides backups. It also has a positive effect on your mail servers, as the email archiving software reduces the load from 1000 GB to 200 GB.

The program does not have a free version, but it does offer a free trial period. Payments start at $3 per month.

FileHold – review

FileHold is a great archiving software option for large companies with more than 20 employees. What is good about this solution is that many of its processes are automated, such as the process of document management or approval.

Other features of FileHold include full integration with Microsoft Office, version control function, ability to secure user groups, smart and lightning-fast search.

The program can be installed both locally and in the cloud, deploys perfectly on Windows or Linux desktop computers or cell phones. Checker offers a function of scanning a document with optical character recognition, so you do not have too much time to find the right document among endless lists of archives.

The developers also suggest using AD, SharePoint, and electronic signatures. If you have any questions, the support team is ready to help you by phone, live chat, email at any time of the day or night. Also, tech support provides you with a FAQ section and knowledge base.

Comet BackUp – overview

Comet BackUp’s strong point is the fast backup that the program can do in 15 minutes. It is a secure, fast, and versatile program for a variety of businesses, IT teams, and SMEs. The program can support operations in more than 110 countries in 10 different languages

That said, Comet BackUp has a very favorable price that starts at $2 per month, offers ongoing updates and a free trial.

GRAX – Review

X is a unique way for businesses to manage, backup, and restore their archived data. The program is able to instantly record restorable records of every single change the data encounters. GRAX stores this data in its space and makes it available for analytics.

ManageEngine RecoveryManager Plus – Overview

RecoveryManager Plus is another file archiving solution that is a useful tool for backing up and recovering data from your email. The program recovers absolutely all data and attachments. You can also export your mailboxes in a PCT file and set a password on them for even more security.