Firmex Review

Firmex is one of the most frequently used virtual data rooms today. It is used both for the long-term storage of confidential company data and for exchanging it during various financial transactions with third-party users. The program’s display is straightforward, and it can adapt to whatever your business needs are. VDR can handle businesses of any size and offers a wide variety of features. In this article, we will do a detailed review of Firmex VDR and its features.

Firmex Data Room – General Features

Firmex Data Room is an online repository for business data used for complex processes related to document management. Firmex has a decent client list and currently has over 20,000 online repositories. This provider is so valued among its customers certainly for many reasons, but one of its main advantages is the fact that payment for its services is as clean as possible. The payment scheme is as transparent as possible, you do not have to pay for any additional services or hidden fees, which were not mentioned in the contract. 

The main features of Firmex VDR

Below we’ll talk about the main features of Firmex and how they benefit your company.

  • VDR’s versatility

Firmex provides services in a wide variety of areas that include Bankruptcy, Finance, Real Estate, Biotechnology, Legal, Fundraising, Litigation, all phases of M&A, and Document Repositories.

  • File and Folder Management

This data room simplifies whatever you do, including the process of downloading about organizing documents. So, to save your time you can use the drag and drop feature on multiple folders or files at once. Also, you can get the data room index exported to Excel and the ability to control the version of the document. The latter feature allows you to keep track of when the last changes were made and by whom, and allows you to return a previous version of the document if needed.

  • File protection and digital rights management

Firmex, like any other self-respecting VDR provider, is responsible for protecting sensitive company data. In this Firmex review, we can highlight its security practices such as setting up document watermarks – they denote the company’s direct rights to that document and also help keep track of the file even if it is outside the company, this is great data leakage protection.

Expiration to the document – once the expiration date has passed, users will no longer be able to see and interact with the document.

Modern encryption methods – Another way to protect against data leakage is to encrypt it, they keep files intact at rest, which means in storage, and during transmission.

  • Hosting VDRs.

The provider guarantees 99.9 percent server uptime and provides the best security certificates such as SOC and SSAE. Also provides constant data backups.

  • Access Security

Access to entry to the space is secure and here’s how it shows up:

Two-factor authentication protects you from unauthorized logins and requires you to enter an additional one-time code in addition to your username and password.

Detailed user permissions – The administrator regulates user access and interaction with documents by prohibiting copying, printing, forwarding, uploading, and editing. He can also limit user access by IP address.

  • Customizing

The developers offer you a customizable interface that you can customize according to your branding. The vendor also provides the ability to send a special invitation letter to the user and has a custom login page. The interface itself is intuitive to users with virtually any level of technical knowledge.