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Electronic Document on the Web – How to Share Securely

The Internet is what the Internet is for, so we can share information with our friends, family, or colleagues quickly and efficiently. However, because of the security risk that awaits us at every step to do this extremely carefully, we need to know ways to share documents online safely. In this article, we will discuss the best ways we know how to do it and highlight their main advantages.

Firefox Send Review

The browser is known to everyone, Mozilla Firefox has given its name to many more of its creations, among which Firefox Send turned out to be.  This method of transferring digital information is extremely easy to use and can be used even without the Mozilla browser itself. It is a free application that supports file exchanges of up to 2, 5 TP, which is really impressive.

In addition, there are many useful tools in the app. For example, you can set expiration dates for document download links based on downloads or by time, and you can also set passwords on your links and files. The program also uses end-to-end encryption, which means that even it can’t see what data you store in your space.

Dropbox Overview

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that has a free option with 2GB of storage, which might be enough for your individual needs. But since you want to securely share electronic documents on the web, that might not be enough for you. Then you can sign up for one of the vendor’s plans, which start at $12 per month and offer 2 TP of storage. The cloud server also offers instant data synchronization and document collaboration features.

In addition to your PC or phone, you can also share files with a special Dropbox transfer tool, which also offers additional features in the form of an audit trail and reports on the number of downloads, etc. You can control access to folders and protect document links with a password or expiration date.

WeTransfer Overview

WeTransfer is a lot like Firefox Send in that it’s fairly simple and requires no subscription to its services. Share one or more files at a time with a link that will still be valid for a week after it is created.

You can still create an account in the program that will cost you $12 per month, with additional options such as setting expiration dates, password protection, transferring up to 20 GB of file volume at a time (while in the free version you had a limit of 2 GB). The pro version gives you 1TP of storage and improved tools to track user activity.

Google Drive Overview

Google Drive is a widespread way to store and share documents which, in its free version, provides as much as 15 GB of storage.  If you want to increase its size, plans start at $2 and give you 100GB of storage. Of course, with all this goodness you get Google apps: documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, so you can stay in the space and do everything in one place. Documents and links can be easily created even from a mobile device of any operating system. You can also easily set user access to the document and what they can do: view, comment, or edit before the link is passed.